Single beds

The bed is a place where a person spends a lot of time – sleeping, resting, and relaxing, yes, even when ill. For this reason, it is important that the bed is comfortable and that we feel relaxed when we get out of it. If you live alone, then there is no need to take up space in a room with large furniture, and a single bed will be a great solution for bedrooms. Single beds are also a good option in teenager bedrooms. The beds have a modern design with a rounded back.

With us it is possible to buy single beds in different sizes. All single beds are available 2 meters in length. The widths are three different sizes – 80 centimetres, 90 centimetres and 100 centimetres. The single beds are neutral white, so they can easily adapt with other fittings and incorporated into the interior, and they are suitable for both sexes.


The height of the bed to the mattress is 21 centimetres, which is the standard bed height, taking into account the thickness of the mattress. The bed also includes support plates for the mattress, but the mattress itself is not included in the set. The beds are made of birch, they are lacquered and stained. The fittings and installation instructions are included in the package, so you will not have to worry about the installation failing. Laundry box and other accessories are not included.


The product is delivered in a cardboard box, which is wrapped with PVC film for additional security. You can agree on the receipt of goods at the time of ordering. It is possible to receive the product in three ways, but it will be most convenient to choose home delivery, because the beds, although single, are bulky goods and they reach our customers in a suitable vehicle without the possibility of being damaged.


The beds are made after the order is fully completed. The average order processing time is one to two weeks, during which the bed is made completely from scratch and delivered. The pleasant prices will also make you think about ordering beds for the whole house and other furniture that will fit perfectly into the interior and create a uniform ensemble of colours and style throughout the house and also in the garden, if you choose to buy our garden furniture.