Double beds

Do you know how much time a person sleeps during their lifetime? 25 years! We spend two and a half decades in another world, gathering strength and relaxing, so it is important that this time spent is of good quality. Combined with a great mattress, our solid birch wood beds will be a great solution, no matter what type you are an owl or a lark.

A third of our lifetime is spent sleeping. Although scientists are trying to impress that the reluctance to get out of bed in the morning is associated with deteriorating health, we would like to oppose and say that this is because the beds we create are just so comfortable.


If you are one of those who love to sleep longer in the mornings and expand over the entire sleeping area, then our double beds will be just for you! Whether you sleep in bed alone or with your significant other, Folkland double beds are always a great solution if you need to complement the interior with aesthetic and modern furniture at an affordable price. The beds are available in the price range from 210-240 Euros and they are available in three different widths – 160 centimetres, 180 centimetres and 200 centimetres, which is one of our customers’ favourites and most popular models.


The wooden beds are white, so they can be easily adjusted to the room design. The unobtrusive, but at the same time modern design creates a feeling of lightness, and dreams in such a bed will definitely be very colourful and pleasant. Beds do not include a mattress, but slats for mattress support are included. When purchasing a double bed, the set also includes assembly instructions and all necessary fittings. The delivered beds are disassembled in a cardboard box.


The beds are made after order confirmation, within a maximum of two weeks. You can choose for it to delivered to your door or receive them in person at our factory or at representatives in Riga on weekends. You can agree on the details of the order and special wishes when purchasing the product.