EKO fence panels

In Folklands new series we have an eco-novelty that will perfectly compliment the premises or exterior of any home. The reed fence is made of reeds and it 100% handmade, in which we invest our love and care for. Fence panels are manufactured in Latvia and will be ideal for your own use and will also serve as an original gift!

What can these reed panel fences be used for?

Our wicker fences are versatile, as they can be used for various purposes. Their naturalness and original design will look equally beautiful in the garden as well as on the terrace or balcony. The reed fence will protect you from strong sun, wind, as well as unwanted pairs of eyes, and currently our fence panels are successfully used in the decoration of building balconies, choosing this ecological material as an alternative to glass, metal or plastic. In addition to all the features described above, such as wicker fence will also provide a decorative effect, looking stylish and unconventional. We know how to combine seemingly simple natural materials so that they successfully fit into modern architecture.


How are reed fences made?

These panels are made of carefully selected reeds, which are tied in special carpets and fastened in wooden frames. To get the final result, which you can see in the photos, you need: reeds, a pine wood frame treated with a special protective agent for longer service life, as well as natural linen thread. Thanks to gentle handling and high-quality handwork, this decorative fence can be used both indoors and outdoors, as well as easiy mode if necessary. We supply Folkland reed panel fences, as well as install them in the place you need, for example, under the balcony railings. You can also delight your friends or relatives by giving them this type of fence, which will simultaneously perform a protective and decorative function.


We offer fences of different sizes, such as: 115cm x 110cm, 185cm x 100cm, 1150 x 185cm and 186cm x 185cm, so you can choose the most suitable for your needs. The average panel thickness is 5 to 7 cm.