There is a saying that the content of a bookshelf says a lot about human nature. We want to agree with this by adding that the bookshelf itself is also an important indicator. Bookshelves made of natural wood, without chemical treatment, last a long time and with honour. They are durable and will be able to properly support the weight of the books.

Interestingly, even at a time when we choose to read and write more often on the computer or on Smartphone screen, bookshelves are still one of the most popular shelf models chosen by our customers.


Bookshelves are available in different heights. Regardless of the size of the library, they will be able to perform their duties properly and will also serve as a great interior item for the room. In addition to books, there will definitely be enough space for your favourite interior trifles and items with sentimental value. The distance between the shelves is 35.5 centimetres, which is enough to place thick and heavy books, as well as the most interesting magazines.


Many find the best bookshelf to be heavy and very large. Modern interiors are, for the most part, designed very easily, with the addition of minimalism as much as possible, but retaining their functionality and the ability to place their belongings in such a way that they do not interfere in everyday life when they are not used.


Bookshelves are delivered in a disassembled, compact form in a cardboard package. To avoid unnecessary headaches during installation, the set includes installation instructions, all necessary fittings and a hexagon for screwing.


It is possible to receive the goods in several ways more convenient for the customer:


  • Receiving goods at the factory – the order is reserved for the customer for five working days, during which it must be removed from the factory;
  • Receiving goods in Riga at the representatives – receive free of charge every weekend;

Door-to-door delivery not only in Latvia, but also in other Baltic countries – delivery costs depend on the size and volume of the goods. If the product is available, it will be delivered within 1-3 working days. The courier will contact the customer for the best possible delivery time.