Terrace chairs

When looking for chairs for your terrace, it is necessary to take into account various factors. The furniture we choose for the layout of the relaxation area not only affects how this place will look, but also what atmosphere it will create, whether people will be comfortable to spend time in it and how many people will be able to accommodate for. Of course, it is also important to be aware of the size of the terrace.

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Terrace size

Assuming you have a small terrace, the choice of chairs should be taken into account because of the limited space, which means that the furniture should be as compact as possible, easy to move and preferably foldable. Folkland offers a variety of patio chairs to suit different needs and opportunities. For example, a small terrace will successfully fit foldable wooden chairs in different shades – brown, white and graphite, as well as various others. Folding chair models are available with and without armrests, so you can choose the option you need.


On the larger terrace, you can safely express yourself with a choice of chairs, preferring different models. For example, Folkland offers especially comfortable terrace chairs with adjustable backrest, which will allow everyone to adjust the sitting position to their wishes. If you want, you can relax almost lying down to enjoy the warm summer sun. We remind you that summer furniture is worth buying even in the winter, so that you are ready for the new season in time.


Why wooden furniture?

Folkland’s main task is to create furniture that allows you to enjoy nature. We value the true value of wood, its unaltered beauty and beauty that no other material can match. Our masters cherish every piece of furniture, carefully making it with precision and love. 100% ecological and made in Latvia, furniture is treated with special protective material and paints, which prolongs their service life, while preserving their special value – appearance and aroma. The wood is protected from pests, rotting and mould, at the same time, looking beautiful and natural.


We ensure high-quality order fulfilment within the set deadlines, as well as offer great furniture prices, because you do not need to pay to intermediaries or online stores. We deliver the goods within two to three working days and guarantee the quality of our furniture.