Most people of today’s society spend most of their time indoors, no matter what kind of weather is outside the window. That is why many of us try to spend as much free time as possible in the nature – travelling, hiking or just relaxing. And what could be nicer than enjoying the warm sun by sitting in comfortable and high-quality furniture?


As you know, each of us sometimes needs to be alone, but it’s more fun to be with our loved ones and friends, isn’t it? That is why, when thinking about arranging a garden, yard, balcony or terrace, the coordinated sets of furniture are more suitable for any occasion.

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Folkland offers various garden sets for everyone’s needs and tastes. With us you will find beautiful wooden furniture made in Latvia and is 100% ecological. Handmade with heart and soul, retaining a unique wood texture look and warmth that is unmatched by any other material.


Garden tables and benches


Every seating area needs a quality garden table with benches. The benches will be ideal for the courtyard of the country house, as well as for the summer terrace of a pub. The advantage of benches is that more people can sit around the table. Of course, we should also mention the design of furniture made by Folkland, will look great anywhere. You can choose sets of different colours – graphite, brown and natural wood. Due to the relatively large size, it is recommended to choose places with enough space for a table and benches.


Garden tables and chairs


This type of garden furniture set will fit in the most modern gardens of a suburban house, terrace, balcony or anywhere else. On the one hand, simple, but at the same time elegant and natural – this is exactly the impression that each set, which includes a garden table with chairs, will give you. We offer sets with two, four, six and eight chairs, but our range is gradually expanding and changing. Folkland produces table and chair sets in brown, white, graphite, maroon, natural wood, brown sugar and in cappuccino colours. The smallest sets with two chairs and a table will be ideal for balconies and small terraces, while the larger ones with eight chairs will be suitable for spacious courtyards and gardens, as well as cafe terraces.