The terraces are used for various purposes – to welcome guests and organise a social event, to dine with family and friends, as well as for simple relaxation, reading a book or enjoying the beauty of nature. No matter what you choose to do to feel comfortable, you will benefit from quality terrace furniture.

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Everyone needs their own “paradise” – a place to take refuge from the daily rush and take a leisurely breath while enjoying the peace provided by the nature. In addition, it does not matter whether it is a small balcony in an apartment house located in the city or a large terrace in a country house. It is possible to make both small and large areas cosy and homey; you only need to be able to choose appropriate furniture and decors.


When thinking about the layout of the terrace, we first think about the seats. They should be comfortable enough, easy to adapt, stylish and, if you care about the environmental friendliness of the material, then also natural. One of the great options that Folkland can offer you is Latvian-made solid wood benches and chairs for your terrace. They are available in a variety of designs, with or without a backrest and armrests, as well as an adjustable backrest only. All you need to do is choose the option that suits you best and fits the terrace. We will also help to create a cosy environment on the small terraces by offering individual chairs or small sets of furniture, which include a compact table and chairs, so that you can enhoy your morning coffee on your small terrace. The chairs are available in different shades of brown, as well as white, natural wood and graphite.


Our Folkland assortment also includes various terrace tables in brown, gray and very light colours. Pine wood will fit perfectly on any terrace, as well as create a pleasant atmosphere. We offer compact folding terrace tables, which you can use when necessary and then fold up to save space. Our quality tables and chairs will be useful not only for residential terraces, courtyards, gardens and balconies, but also for cafes and restaurants who want to supplement their premises and outdoor areas with quality wooden furniture.


Each piece of furniture is made in Latvia, our products are 100% ecological, moreover, we use highly effective wood treatment products and paints, which help to preserve the natural appearance of wood for longer and prevent mould, rotting and insects from affecting its quality.