For kids

Every parent wants only the best for their children and this applies to everything, especially to a safe environment in everyday life. One of the places where a child spends the most time is their room. When decorating the room and looking for children’s furniture, parents usually want to combine a pleasant price, maximum functionality and easy care for it, and also an interesting design or an accent that makes the particular thing more special and loving.

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Children’s furniture production is a separate niche in the furniture factory and innovative design and functional solutions are one of the biggest challenges for furniture manufacturers who want to compete in the market with their offer.


Children’s furniture is a kind of challenge among manufacturers, because it is necessary to create functional furniture for children who are growing up and children’s room furniture will have to be changed again after a while. When decorating a room a very small child will have to think about what size table and chair would be the most suitable, then parents will not be able to recover when this children’s furniture will have to be replaced with a functional desk for a little student in the first grade. The children’s room grows with the children themselves and the furniture manufacturers must take this into account. This furniture must also be able to withstand children’s fantasy flights and creativity, and, of course, they must be as safe as possible.


Our offer includes various types of children’s room furniture that is designed for children of different ages and their rooms. We also offer sandboxes, which are a great way to spend free time in several age groups, so the sandboxes we create will last a long time and are honourable.


All children’s furniture can be collected in different ways. It is possible to receive them at the factory on site or at the official representatives in Riga on weekends, by agreeing in advance on the time when you will pick up the product. It is also possible to deliver by courier, who will gladly deliver the purchase to any place in Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia.