Who doesn’t like summer – warmth, nature, everything around blossoming and greenery. Many of us would give up a lot so that the seasons never change and the heat spends all year round. Summer is a great time to spend time with your family outdoors, in the fresh air. This is especially popular with children, who are impossible to persuade to go home during the summer holidays.

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If you own a private house or a summer house, garden furniture for children, including sandboxes, is an integral part of it. Placing children furniture on your property is not only a great way to entertain your own, your friends’ children and grandchildren, but also the opportunity to keep little delvers in sight and not worry about how and where summer evenings are spent playing with friends.


Children’s picnic tables are a great addition to garden furniture. It is often uncomfortable for children who are small and have not yet reached the meter mark to spend time at the adult table for one reason – nothing can be seen, because everything is too big. It is for this reason that we have created various types of picnic and activity tables for children, moreover, due to their grateful size, they can also be placed in a room or some other room. The child will have his own safe place to operate and will not have to worry about whether the child is comfortable and easy to operate. The tables are delivered disassembled and need assembly. Instructions and fittings are included.


We offer not only universal picnic tables that can also be used indoors, but also various activity tables that come with plastic baths. They have a removable surface and it turns into a multifunctional work table, where you do not have to be afraid of squatting and experimenting while sitting. There are multifunctional tables with two or four plastic bathtubs, as well as the possibility to install a place for a parasol that will protect you on small, especially hot summer days. The table of this model is also transformable and the parasol is included in the set. All tables are made of pine or spruce wood.