Wine shelf

Good wine not only tastes very good, but it is also a great relaxation after a long day or while celebrating. Good wine is also a great gift for any festive occasion and will be appreciated by everyone who receives such a statement of attention. Many homes have buffets that hold bottles of various alcoholic beverages, but a true wine lover needs a wine rack!

Different types of wine and other bottle holding options are played out on a daily basis, for example, by offering to buy special bottle holders as a gift. It can be a solution for storing one or two bottles, but not if you are a true wine lover and take your hobby seriously.


We have created an aesthetically pleasing and great solution for storing wine bottles. We offer various types of wine racks that can store up to 132 bottles of wine. The wine racks are available in three different sizes – a rack that can store up to 12 bottles of wine, a wine rack for 56 bottles and a large rack that can store up to 132 bottles of wine. Large wine racks are a good option for restaurants or owners of large wine bottle collections. The shelves are stable and durable, so you can feel confident that they will perform their functions.


The smallest wine racks for 12 and 56 wine bottles are made of pine, but the big one is made of oak. A large collection requires a shelf made of large wood and oak is the best solution in such cases. The wood is primed and stained. All wine racks are delivered disassembled and require assembly. This should not be a concern, as assembly instructions are included with the product.


It is also possible to receive the goods in person at our factory or at our partners in Riga on weekends by arranging a meeting time in advance. We also offer delivery throughout the Baltics. Delivery costs depend on the dimensions of the product and the destination to which it must be delivered. You can find out the exact delivery information when placing an order.