The central element of any bedroom is undeniably the bed. Not only does it serve as a place where we regain our strength after an active day and wake up energetically to go on our way again, but it is also a design element that successfully fits into the overall interior of the room and complements it, creating a suitable atmosphere in the room.

Folkland offers high-quality solid wood beds for children and adults in various sizes and designs. Our assortment includes 100% ecological wooden furniture, which has retained its special look, beauty and smell, which is unparalleled. When manufacturing beds and other furniture, we pay special attention to practicality and functionality. Let every bed, table, chair and other of our furniture serve for a long time and with high quality, using effective but at the same time gentle wood protection products and paints. These products allow us to preserve the natural appearance, aroma and properties of wood, while protecting against rotting, bruising, insects and mould. It also provides a filter that protects against UV rays and a layer that repels moisture, preventing it from penetrating the wood. We offer furniture in classic shades – white, brown and graphite.


Children’s beds


To give your little ones a sweet sleep, we offer to buy cots in different designs. Beds with a rim will make sure that the child does not suddenly roll out of the cot and tear the blanket away during sleep. Classic models with a raised head and foot are also available. Available sizes for both children and teenagers – 70cm x 155cm, 80cm x 200cm, 90cm x 200cm. To make sleeping even more pleasant and to develop the creative thinking of your offspring, our beautiful children’s beds with one or two floors will be a good choice. These wooden beds are available in the size of 80cm x 170cm, they have a raised border, as well as a house-like frame, which you can decorate at your discretion – with light chains and other decors.


Adult beds


The Folkland assortment includes beds made in Latvia, which will be designed for both one and two people. The original and modern design of wooden beds will fit into different homes. Available bed sizes: 100cm x 200cm, 160cm x 200cm, 180cm x 200cm, 200cm x 200cm. Classic children’s and adult beds are made of birch, while cottage beds are made of pine. Take a look at the offer now and supplement your own or your children’s bedroom with quality, ecological and durable furniture!