House bed

Parents always want their offspring to have the most modern and most beautiful rooms, furniture and interior items. The children themselves want it, because it is nice if the room is beautiful and cosy. Those who follow the development trends of the interior design will have noticed that extremely popular are the bed cottages or the beds that are made in the shape and appearance of a small cottage. What is even more interesting is that we have slightly improved this trend by offering our customers this type of bunk beds, which will definitely delight small sleepers by one hundred percent.

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The children’s bed house, or more simply – a cottage bed, is available in different colours and in two different heights. Many other manufacturers have placed the sleeping mattress in this type of bed at floor level, but we raised it so that children and parents do not feel like sleeping on the floor. Children’s bed – the cottage is available in various configurations, including with or without a linen box, as well as with a linen box and a mattress – we offer to buy beds of this model already complete with a mattress. The bunk beds have a safe and stable construction made of solid pine wood. The aroma of conifers is pleasantly soothing, so this is a great material for making and making beds. Thanks to the light and ascetic design, the bed will fit into any type of interior and it is possible to decorate it according to your wishes and needs. The beds are available in pink and blue, and you can choose the number of floors – one or two, if you need to accommodate two children.


Cots are made immediately upon receipt of the order. It usually takes one to two weeks. The set is made according to the customer’s wishes – with or without mattress and laundry boxes. Laundry boxes are equipped with castors for easier use. The set also includes all the necessary fittings and installation instructions.


It is possible to receive the order on site at the factory, at the company’s representatives in Riga or by choosing delivery to any place in Latvia. Please agree on the details when ordering.