005 Sandbox 130 x 130 x H20cm with removable lid – Brown/Yellow

Key facts:

  • Classic hexagonal sandbox with removable lid;
  • The lid consists of two parts;
  • Rounded corners, in addition to safety for the youngest children;
  • Edge on which you can sit comfortably and safely;
  • Wood is an aesthetic, natural and durable material, it does not heat up in the sun, as it does with plastic boxes;
  • The sandbox has a removable lid to keep the sand clean;
  • The lid can be used as an additional play element;

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Attention – Furniture is made out of natural pine wood, wood is a natural material which under the direct influence of external factors (sun, rain, wind, snow) can cause changes in shape, colour and structure, resin and micro cracks may also appear.

Care – This product has additional wood protection, no special care is required. You can clean the dirt and dust that was generated during operation with water and cloth. It is recommended to renew the protective paint layer once a year at the end of the garden season.

Storage – If the furniture is not used for a long time, it can be covered with a cover to hide it from direct sunlight, possible water and wind damage. In winter, the furniture preferably should be stored in a dry place, it will prolong its service life and in the new season it will look like brand new.

Product information:

  • Sandbox external dimensions 130cm x 130cm x 20cm (width x length x height);
  • Material – Pine / spruce;
  • Colour – Brown / Yellow;
  • Wood protection – Vivacolor Villa Akva (modified, matt water-based paint for wooden surfaces in exterior works. The paint forms a dirt and water-repellent surface. Villa Akva provides excellent shade and gloss resistance);
  • Delivered disassembled / assembly required;
  • Included – schematic assembly instructions and fittings;
  • Packaging – cardboard box;
  • Weight – 21 kg;
  • Package size – 121cm x 84cm x 9cm (length x width x height);
  • Packaging volume – 0.092 m3;

Additional information

Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 121 × 85 × 9 cm