035 Multifunctional children’s picnic table with bathtubs Natural

Table with removable table top, two baths and seats.

We have created an even more fantastic children’s table. This novelty will be perfect for children to take shelter from the sun and enjoy the warm summer days, playing with Lego blocks and other toys, as well as your child will be able to enjoy a meal and lemonade with friends.

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Attention – The table is made of natural pine wood, wood is a natural material that can change shape, colour and structure due to external factors, resin may appear.

Care – If you have purchased a natural or chemically untreated product, it is recommended to perform a treatment; it will definitely prolong the life of the wood! It is recommended to treat wood only with linseed oil or water-based paints to protect your child from allergies caused by skin contact with improperly treated wood.

Storage – If the furniture is not used for a long time, it can be covered with a cover to hide it from direct sunlight, possible water and wind damage. In winter, the furniture preferably should be stored in a dry place, it will prolong its service life and in the new season it will look like brand new.

Table size:

  • Length – 100 cm;
  • Width – 43 cm;
  • Height – 51 cm;
  • Bathtubs – 30cm x 37cm depth x 12.5cm (volume 11.0L)
  • Weight – 14 kg;
  • Delivered disassembled / assembly required;
  • Packaging PVC film, cardboard box;
  • Packaging – 63cm x 90cm x 8.5cm (width x length x height)
  • EAN code – 4751030920757;

Material – Solid conifer

Wood treatment – Untreated;