When thinking about relaxing in the fresh air, in the garden or on the balcony, there is a need for a comfortable piece of furniture in which you can sit and feel comfortable. The garden bench is a useful piece of furniture that can be used for various purposes, easy to carry and care for. In addition, if it is still made of natural wood, as Folkland garden benches, then at the same time it also serves as an elegant seating area or a great garden addition.

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In order for each of our customers to be able to find something close to their heart and valuable in Folkland’s offer, we try to make the assortment as diverse as possible. We stick to the roots – unaltered, natural, and beautiful wood, which includes a number of different valuable properties and the ability to create a feeling of cosiness in any place where garden furniture of this material is placed.


The range of Folkand garden benches includes Lativan – made models of pine wood and the texture of which is highlighted by specially selected colours and treatment products, which at the same time efficiently and gently takes care of the natural solid wood furniture and makes sure that it will last longer and will not lose its appearance and function. But, of course, it is advisable to avoid leaving the furniture for a long time in direct sunlight, humidity, heat and cold.


What could be more beautiful than enjoying the sunset and sitting on a bench in a rose garden, wrapped up in a warm blanket, with a cup of tea in hand? Sounds like a fairytale? But it can become a reality! Our beautiful benches are made in different designs. We offer classic models with straight lines, backrest and armrests on the edges, simple models without armrests that will wit not only fit in the garden but also in the park, more modern models with curved lines, as well as ordinary benches and interesting models with a storage compartment at the bottom. Where you can store various garden accessories and other things. And no-one will suspect it! Available colours: various shades of brown, graphite, white, maroon and natural wood.