018 Set “Heini 4” Brown

Foldable table + 4 folding chairs with armrests and backrests

The HEINI series is a novelty in our range, this set is the middle ground between the fine PICNICK sets and the large BAVARIA models. A set for travellers, romantics and people who like and active, but at the same time thoughtful and comfortable lifestyle. Sunset, laughter, dancing, friends and travel, it is also the rhythm of summer enjoyment. Swimming in the sea, and green meadows are all on the summer enjoyment menu.

  • Brown colour – laconic, calm, elegant, this colour is one of the most popular and common among people. Cool, bluish-gray tones indicate confidence, order and trust, they are also tones of spiritual wealth;
  • Special attention is paid to the quality of the folding chairs, as they have moving elements that are subjected to a special load;
  • Convenient and easy transportation;
  • Light weight for easy mobility;
  • Space economy, as it takes up very little space in a composite way;
  • It can easily fit in the back of the car and can accompany you on a picnic;
  • Especially suitable for small rooms and balconies;

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Attention – The table and chairs are made of natural pine wood, wood is a natural material which under the direct influence of external factors (sun, rain, wind, snow) can cause changes in shape, colour and structure, resin and micro cracks may also appear. Wooden table and chairs must be protected from bad weather, although This product has additional wood protection, Those can be protected only from small rain. If You expose furniture to Baltic weather for longer time, colour can vanish, thats why You must protect furniture from outside factor direct exposure. Covering furniture with cover or hide them under the roof.

Care – This product has additional wood protection, no special care is required. You can clean the dirt and dust that was generated during operation with water and cloth. It is recommended to renew the protective paint layer once a year at the end of the garden season.

Storage – If the furniture is not used for a long time, it can be covered with a cover to hide it from direct sunlight, possible water and wind damage. In winter, the furniture preferably should be stored in a dry place, it will prolong its service life and in the new season it will look like brand new.

Product information:

Table size:

  • Length – 130 cm;
  • Width – 70 cm;
  • Height – 73 cm;
  • Weight – 14.0 kg;
  • Transport size – 130cm x 96cm x H9cm
  • Transport capacity – 0,112m3;
  • Supplied in a composite form / no assembly required;
  • Packaging PVC film, cardboard box;;

Chair size:

  • Width – 66 cm;
  • Depth – 64 cm;
  • Height – 86 cm;
  • Seat width – 45 cm;
  • Seat depth – 43 cm;
  • Weight – 6.3 kg;
  • Transport size – 66cm x 93cm x H37cm;
  • Transport capacity – 0,227m3;
  • Supplied in a composite form (Packaging PVC film, cardboard box 2pcs / box);

Transport size of set – 130cm x 96cm x H47cm  (length x width x height);

Transport capacity of the set – 0,566 m3/ 27 kg

Material – Solid pine;

Wood treatment – Vivacolor Villa Akva (modified, matt water-based paint for wooden surfaces in exterior works. The paint forms a dirt and water-repellent surface. Villa Akva provides excellent tone and gloss resistance, the wood gets the impression of a silky matte surface.);

 Colour – Brown;

Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 134 × 96 × 48 cm