079 Mattress PREMIUM-10

  • Combined mid-rigid, non-spring mattress with high orthopedic properties.
  • Mattress consists of a composition of latex and coconut fiber boards.
  • Coconut fiber – a solid, naturally occurring filling that gives orthopedic firmness to the mattress. Perforated latex makes mattress more comfortable, it is a natural material derived from foamed wooden juice (Hevea).
  • Air-permeable, flexible – it can withstand high pressure – instantly recovering its primitive form. Latex is not allergic.





  • Mattress size – 80cm x 180cm x H10cm;
  • Mattress size – 80cm x 170cm x H10cm;
  • The composition:
  • Removable cover
  • Cotton
  • Perforated latex
  • Coconut fiber board
  • Perforated latex
  • Cotton
  • Mattress height 10 cm

The material is long-lasting (the elasticity has remained for more than 15 years); By its characteristics, latex allows the mattress to adapt to the body, following the movements of the human being, thanks to which latex provides proper and comfortable support: head, neck, upper and lower spine sections.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg