It will be difficult to find someone who has not played in the sandbox as a child. Sand is a great natural material that we use for both shaping and play, but also has therapeutic properties. These reasons alone make you want to buy a sandbox to place in the garden for your children. Our offer includes children’s sandboxes with lids, which are made of pine or spruce wood. Children’s sandboxes are durable and the weather does not damage their quality.

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Depending on the model, it is possible to choose sandboxes in different shapes and configurations. A sandbox with a lid is also a great solution for sanitary purposes – the lid protects the sand from the external environment and ensures the cleanliness of the sand. Sandboxes for children, depending on the equipment, weigh up to 30 kilograms on average, so they are easy to transport.


We offer to buy the following sandbox models:


  • Rectangular sandbox without lid;
  • Rectangular sandbox with removable lid;
  • Square sandbox with hinged lid. The main difference is that when the lid is opened, it transforms into benches on both sides of the sandbox;
  • Hexagonal sandboxes with removable lids;
  • Square sandbox with folding lid and accessory box.
  • As you can see, we have thought about all the nuances so that the playing time in the sandbox would be spent usefully and nothing would interfere with it. The average height of the seats is 28 centimeters, which is a suitable and safe height for even the smallest playmates.


One of the most popular models ordered by our customers is a sandbox with a lid and an accessory box. Putting your toys in the accessory box after the toy is a good way to bring your children to order and a real bliss for their parents, because children will not bring sandy spatulas and buckets indoors, which could cause unnecessary clutter. The spacious storage box is the size of a sandbox, so there will definitely be plenty of space for someone.


The sandboxes are delivered to their customers disassembled and require assembly. Assembly instructions are included.